Expand Plate Absorbent Glass Mat Battery Start Stop System Duplicate Cover Design

Start Stop System

One of strategy preventing global warming is restrain automobile CO2 emission and improve fuel consumption.

In Japan, fuel consumption will be decreased by 24.1% in 2020. 

In Europe, CO2 emission will be reduced under 95g/km in 2020.


And In U.S., average fuel consumption will be 2x greater by 23.2km/L in 2025. 

In conclusion, automobile industries are devoted to reducing CO2 emission and improving fuel consumption.

Electric cars, hybrid cars, start stop cars, and etc, are developed for better environment.


Electric cars are too expansive to popularize, so start stop cars are currently accomplished ECO friendly vehicles.


Start stop cars not only has frequently engine starts, but also need supply electronic devices when idle.

In order to keep comfortable driving, start stop batteries need ultra-durable starts, quickcharge, instant supply, and high-rate discharging performance. 



The operation of start stop system has showed below: