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Absorbent Glass Mat Battery

Absorbent Glass Mat separator

Hi-tech AGM separator can absorb and trap electrolyle perfectly.


  1. Trap electrolyte effectively, lower water loss during nagetive plates redox, and provide good ion conductivity in lifespan.
  2. Keep touching pressure balance, prevent active material lead drop and expand battery life.

High re/discharge power

Ultra stable re/discharge

AGM battery has high-density power, which can fit any driving environments that need maximum power and start performance.


Ultra stable re/discharge makes longer life.

Higher cold start performance

Better cold start than commercial batteries.

Because glass mat can absorb electrolyte, it doesn't need more electrolyte to cover the plates.


Stronger cold start ability

Safety valves

VRLA battery has safety valves, which ensure pressure adjusting when charging/overcharging, preventing dangerous.


More safety, less acid-gas release


Prevent electrolyte from spilling.

Electrolyte  is absorbed by glass mat, which can offer anti-spill even in poor orientation.


Can be install in most orientation, even in cars.

Features of AGM battery


Long lifespan 

Electrolyte is completely absorbed by mat, which prevent active

material lead drop and expand battery life.

Ultra stable re/discharge Higher output.
Better cold start  Higher plates, stronger CCA.
Anti-spill  Electrolyte can be absorbed in battery, avoid spilling.
Maintenance free Ultra low water loss during negative plates redox, maintenance free.