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  • Q-01

    CCA意義:Cold Cranking Ampere(冷啟動電流)





  • Q-02
    How long is the battery lifespan? How long does the warranty last?

    1. Batteries are belong to consumables. Lifespan would be affacted by extrinsic factors like recharging system and user habits. Normally, the battery can use over 1 and a half years.
    2. Battery warrenty period is not equal to lifespan. If the battery has manufacturing defection, it will be unable to use in 3 months.

    3. Our battery warrenty period depends on OEM's warrenty statements or contracts.

  • Q-03
    What is the difference between maintenance free and standard motorcycle battery?

    1. Standard battery is used for old type motorbikes like Wolf 125.

    2. Maintainence free battery is used for modern new motorbikes like scooters.

    3. Both type of batteries cannot be compatible with both kinds of motorbikes because of different   recharge systems, please be careful.

  • Q-04
    What cautions must be mentioned before battery in use?

    1. If the battery electrolyte is not filled, please check all the electrolyte is completely fill into the battery cells and wait for over 20 minutes( capacity is about 70~80%, voltage is about 12.40V~12.50V ), then install the battery to the motorcycle.
    (If recharge the battery for 1~2 hours by specific recharger, it will make the battery better.)
    2. If the battery electrolyte is filled and voltage is lower than 12.50V, please recharge it.

  • Q-05
    Cannot start the engine, is the battery broken?

    There has several reasons that cannot start the engine like starter crashed, spark plug broken, poor circuit, battery is out of electricity, or etc..

    Out of electricity does not mean the battery is broken, which must uninstall from motorcycle to recharge. Use specific recharger to charge the battery over 12 hours first, then examine whether battery is broken or not. Generally, the posibility of return to normal status is quite high.

    There has three reasons that cause battery broken:
    1. Manufacturing defection that cause broken in a short period.
    2. Rectifier voltage is too high (over 15.0V) or crashed that makes battery over-charge and water loss.
    3. Dark current is too high (over 5mA) like electricity leakage, burglar alarm, or over-discharge from short-distance running habits.

  • Q-06
    Can a maintainence free battery be refill by water or sulfuric acid?

    The battery plates have been damaged due to water loss from extrinsic factors. Even refilling the water can make battery run for a period, the lifespan comes unstable and may cause acid leakage that harms the motorcycle.

  • Q-07
    Can I install the industrial sealed battery to common vehicle?

    1. Industrial battery has less cross-sectional area.
    2. Terminals would be melted when starting engine that needs high current. Or it would spark and explode the battery due to different terminal fasten types that cause poor circuit.
    3. Industrial battery's container is made of ABS. If the container attached the engine oil, it would easily crack and cause acid leakage.
    4. Mortorcycle battery's container is made of PP which would not be cracked by engine oil.
    5. It would cause water loss easily if installed the battery to motorcycle.
    According to the reason above, industrial battery is not compatible to common vehicle.

  • Q-08
    How is the relation between battery and motorcycle with 5th emission standard?

    1. Motorcycle with 5th emission standard has ECU (Electric control unit) that remove the foot starter pedal.
    2. Motorcycle with 5th emission standard has fuel pump, which needs more electricity (battery capacity) than motorcycle with 4th emission standard by 50%.
    3. Motorcycle with 5th emission standard has spent electricity since turn on the power before the engine start. Please make sure that turn off the power and remove the key preventing over-discharge, which makes trouble in engine start.

  • Q-09
    If the motorcycle has not started the engine for a long time, what will happen?

    1. The battery has self-discharge. If motorcycle has electric leakage, it would spend more electricity that cause trouble in starting engine after 20 days or even earlier. Please remove the negative terminal of the battery in the motorcycle if would not use for a long time.
    2. Rescuring method: Start the engine with foot starter pedal, and remove the battery to get full recharged by recharger.

  • Q-10
    How to determine if the battery is ageing?

    The following shows the symptoms that the battery is ageing:
    1. Difficult to start the engine.
    2. Turn signal's frequency becomes slower.
    3. Horn's sound turns smaller.
    4. Headlight's brightness is obviously affected by engine revolution.