VRLA Battery Structure Description

VRLA Battery

Positive Plate and Negative Plate
Positive plates and negative plates are made of special lead-calcium alloy gird and active materials.
Yuasa VRLA battery separators are made of special glass mat, which has great ionic conductivity, heat-resist, acid-resist, and trap eletrolyle and active material on plates for longer lifespan. Glass mat can tightly absorb and trap electrolyte, which makes stable discharging performance in most situation.
Vent Valves
The safety valve opens when internal pressure increase too much, which prevents battery swelling. Valves closes when internal pressure becomes normal, which can prevents external air going to the battery.
Container, Top Cover and Lid
Made from synthetic resin, which has good mechanical strength and impact resistance.

Parts Structure and materials Functions
Positive Plate and Negative Plate Pasted plate, which was pasted to lead-calcium alloy by active materials. Corrosion resist. Adequate capacity,reliable long term performance( Ultra-duty ).
Minimize the self-discharge.
Prevents corrosion / growing of positive plate, and never emits toxic materials on the surface of negative plate.
Separator Glass fiber made porosity glass mat. Prevents short circuit between positive and negative plate.
Stores and completely trap the electrolyte, which cannot easily flow.
Stick on the surface for preventing active materials drop.
Excellent anti-oxidation, heat-resist, acid-resist, corrosion-resist, low resistance and no toxic level. Maintain regular performance during lifespan. Saparator expands higher than plate and support extremly steady.
Electrlyte Absorbed type dilute sulfuric acid. Makes electricity reaction with active materials on both positive and negative plates. Electrolyte is absorbed and tightly trapped by porosity glass mat, which does not need water refill. Besides, it can prevent electrolyte drying up or stratification.
Container and Top Cover Fire-resist ABS polymer( UL94HB;UL94V0, L.O.I.28) Acid-resist, shock-resist, and heat-resist.
Container can withstand pressure of the chemical reaction inside the battery.
Safety Valve The best acid-resist, explosion proof, and air preasure releasing rubber valve. When internal pressure increases, valve can release the air and optimize internal pressure.
Keep the external gas from entering the battery.
Ultra-reliable valves keep safety during battery lifespan.
Explosion Proof Embedded explosion proof air filtrating pieces. Restrict the path of flame or spark inside.
Prevent acid gas leakage from battery.
Terminal connector Integraded lead alloy covers copper electrode and post terminal, whose connector is sealed by epoxy. There has faston, nut & bolt , and threaded insert types of terminal.
Threaded insert terminal has bolt included, which is made of high conductivity copper-alloy.
The positve epoxy color is red, the negative epoxy color is black.
High conductivity, acid-resist, and corrosion-resist. Battery temperature would not be over than 45℃ during fixed current discharging for 1 hour.
Perfect sealed on the connector.
Hardly sheds of terminal and post.