YT-B Type

Slim Energy-enhanced Maintenance-free battery

Hi-tech Maintenance free battery
AGM(Absorbent Glass Mat) battery
Long lifespan: Electrolyte is completely absorbed by glass mat, which prevent
active material lead drop and expand battery life.
Ultra stable re/discharge: Higher output.
Better cold start: Higher plates, stronger CCA.
Anti-spill: Electrolyte can be absorbed in battery avoid from spilling.
Maintenance free: Ultra low water loss during negative plates redox, maintenance free.

Feature of product

Maintenance free

YT type has air-absorb structure, which can absorb hydrogen by negative plates when charging, then reverse to electrolyte.

You don't need to check the liquid level and refill water.

By the way, in order to avoid damage from internal air-pressure, which is produced by charging, we have setted safety valves.

Safety valves can release gas when air-pressure being high.


electrolyte is conserved in glass mat, don't need to worry about spilling through when engaging

strenuous sports.

Glass mat was made of glass fiber web stacks, then sticked into piece shape by adhesive.

Glass mat has acid-resist, drug-resist, electric-resist, electrolyte dredge, and low electric

conductivity features,  which can prevent short of positive/negative plates touch, drop

of active material from plates, and keep the distance between each plate.

High start performance

High-performed specific alloy plates and low-resistance glass mat can keep engine start performance well in cold climates.

Fast electrolyte filling design

The filling design can easily puncture the seal of electrolyte canister well in cold climates. 

And there has two vent holes surrounded for air release when filling electrolyte.

Make it simple for electrolyte filling.


※Please read the filling guide on electrolyte canister.

Low self-discharge

YT type has high performance lead-calcium alloy plates, which has much lower self-discharge than Standard type.


※Recharge battery regularly when not use for a long time recommanded.

Explosion proof

There have explosion proof stones on both sides of vent holes, which can restrict the path of flame or spark inside the battery that cause probable explosion.


Notice of changing battery for heavy motorbikes

A. Dry-charged battery→ Do not install battery when filling electrolyte just has done.

    A-1. Electrolyte is not fully absorbed, it may cause spilling.

    A-2. Performance: Capacity is only 80%, and draining fast because of dark current, finally end of life.

B. Dry-charged battery→ Recharge for 3~4 hours, then install to bike.

    B-1. Ensure the electrolyte has been completely absorbed.

    B-2. After recharged: Capacity is 100%.


Type Voltage(V) Capacity(AH) CCA* Dimensions(mm) Weight with
Acid approx.(KG)
Weight without
Acid approx.(KG)
10HR20HR (L) (W) (H) Overall(H)
YT7B-BS 12 6.56.8 120 150 65 - 93 2.5 2.1 0.3 0.7
YT9B-BS 12 88.4 120 150 69 - 105 2.98 2.5 0.4 0.8
YT12A-BS 12 1010.5 175 150 87 - 105 3.4 2.8 0.49 1.2
YT12B-BS 12 1010.5 210 150 69 - 130 3.9 3.2 0.52 1.2
YT14B-BS 12 1212.6 210 150 69 - 145 4.2 3.5 0.6 1.2
TTZ7SL 12 66.3 90 113 70 - 105 2.2 - - 0.7
TTZ10S 12 8.69.1 190 150 87 - 93 3.1 2.6 0.4 0.9
TTZ12S 12 1111.6 210 150 87 - 110 3.8 3.2 0.52 1.1
TTZ14S 12 11.211.8 230 150 87 - 110 3.8 3.2 0.52 1.1
*Capacity(Ah) and CCA are for reference only